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Great Roads North Central

Michigan Motorcycle Rides: The Upper Peninsula

4  Bike nestled between Sunflower fields

by Teresa Lasher, photography by Steve Lasher [Michigan Motorcycle Rides: The Upper Peninsula was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the February 2008 issue of Rider magazine] For those of you who always pilot a motorcycle, you may think you know all there is to know about motorcycle riding. You may also feel you enjoy all the perks. Not ...

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Montana Motorcycle Rides: Exploring the Northwestern Corner


[Montana Motorcycle Rides: Exploring the Northwestern Corner was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the August 2007 issue of Rider magazine] Our 100th Anniversary Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic was heavily packed and ready for three weeks of road travel, rain or shine. For the past nine years my husband, Jim, and I have taken an epic road trip ...

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Wisconsin's Best Motorcycle Roads: The Rustic Roads Motorcycle Tour


Story and photography by M. Cooper Larson [Wisconsin’s Best Motorcycle Roads: The Rustic Roads Motorcycle Tour was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the March 2007 issue of Rider magazine] Most of us don’t need a reason to go riding-especially when the riding involves some of the most beautiful roads in the Midwest. But what if you could ride ...

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Day-Tripping on the Lincoln Highway in Iowa


Early in the last century, one highway paved the way—literally and figuratively—for the roads we enjoy today. More patchwork quilt than a continuous ribbon, it was stitched together from existing roads to create a route from Times Square in New York City to Lincoln Park in San Francisco. Although it existed officially for only 15 years, the “Father Road” is ...

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Riding the Heart and Soul of Montana


A whole lot of nothing. That’s what we expected to see on our journey across eastern Montana—flat and drear, sagebrush and maybe the occasional bovine chewing its cud with a bored expression. After all, we’d heard predictions to that effect nearly every time we told anyone we were riding the Central Montana Highway from border to border. “There’s a whole ...

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Wisconsin: An Off-Season Rumble Through Harley Country


Oh, what I don’t know about Harleys! Like, um, where’s the toolkit on this thing? There isn’t one? Oh. Well maybe this guy sitting down at the booth next to mine can help. He’s wearing the colors—sporty black letterman’s jacket with the orange logo on the back. It’s 37 degrees outside and I’d really like to hook up my electric ...

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A Solo Motorcycle Ride to Sturgis, South Dakota

photography by Mark Langello and Buzz Buzzelli [A Solo Motorcycle Ride to Sturgis was originally published in American Rider magazine] I was leaving tomorrow morning and my clothes were strewn all over the bed, I had a load of laundry in the washer, my bags were only half packed, and my wife came in and announced, “I’m tired, I’m going ...

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Roaming Wyoming: Riding With the Pioneers


We had experienced a little of Wyoming by riding through it on our way to and from Sturgis, South Dakota, one summer. We were struck by the beauty of Wyoming’s barren landscape, red rock and endless desert. It remains relatively undeveloped, which allows you to see the Old Wild West in its original form. Traditionally Wyoming is a state people ...

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The Four-Stroke Singles National Owners Club Rally in Wyoming


Motorcycle celebrations take many shapes and forms. Own a Harley-Davidson in 2003 and you could have rallied in Milwaukee to celebrate 100 years of the company. Own a Harley-Davidson single-cylinder four-stroke model and you could have avoided the traffic snarls, Elton John and $200-per-night hotel rooms, and celebrated “Fizz-Knocking” in the wilds of Wyoming Indian Country. The Four-Stroke Singles National ...

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Following the Great River Road in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois


Thousands of years ago the glaciers swept across the upper Midwest like a giant bulldozer, flattening everything in their path. Fortunately they missed a small geographic area in northeast Iowa, southwest Wisconsin and northwestern Illinois. This area, known as the Paleozoic Plateau or Driftless Area, was untouched by the last Ice Age glaciation. Narrow valleys with steep sides characterize northeastern ...

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