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Deep Lube 2 Review: It’s Almost A Miracle


It’s easy to excited by this product—if you’re a mechanic. Compared to the familiar product in the blue can, Deep Lube 2 has better penetration and far greater lubrication properties. Furthermore, it contains no Teflon, silicon, graphite, fluorocarbons, or turpentine, which makes it suitable for applications above and beyond motorcycle maintenance. The base compound is Venezuelan “bright stock” oil, the ...

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Motorcycle-Mounted Video Camera Buyers Guide


[This Motorcycle Video Camera Buyers Guide was originally published in the October 2008 issue of Rider magazine] Video is not new to motorcycles. Mounts for consumer-grade camcorders have existed for years; however, blindly fumbling with tiny camera buttons while wearing gloves has never seemed particularly motorcycle-friendly to me. New hardware, both for tape and digital formats, is making onboard video ...

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