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Featured Great Roads

Sea to Shining Sea: Coast-to-Coast for the Heck of it

Following the small roads, like this one leading to Cottonwood Pass in Colorado’s Eagle County, is more fun than the Interstate.

I love these long hauls, love looking at the beauty, and occasional ugliness, of this great nation, love stopping at all the historical markers along the way, thinking about how this country came together over the past 240 years. Anybody who thinks that riding from coast to coast would be boring is lacking in imagination. Here is the background. In ...

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Life Lessons on the Moonshine Lunch Run


If you enjoy riding long distances and spending time with other people who enjoy riding long distances, there’s nothing else like the Moonshine Lunch Run (MLR). For many, the ride to southeastern Illinois takes days and covers hundreds or thousands of miles, and folks don’t ride there for the twisty roads. So what is it about the MLR? Terry Hammond ...

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Effie’s Great Adventure–First Women to Ride Cross-Country


Motoring across the United States a century ago was no easy task, given the lack of paved roads, signage and service stations, among other hardships. For a woman to attempt such a feat without a male escort was particularly bold. In 1909, one enterprising car company tapped Alice Huyler Ramsey to become the first female to drive across the country. ...

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Motorcycle Touring in West Virginia (and a Bit of Virginia)

Burkes Garden, Virginia_3514

There’s an old joke about the Mountain State that goes something like this: “If you could flatten out West Virginia, it would be as big as Texas!” While my goal was to spend a few days riding my Buell Ulysses around West Virginia from my home in Tennessee, I needed to cut across the western tip of Virginia to get ...

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New England: Revisiting Old Haunts, And Some New, In The Six States

Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island

The sun was shining, the day was warm, and traffic minimal. It was like old times, traveling along Route 66 (Massachusetts, not U.S.) into the Berkshire Hills, T-boning into Route 112 as it runs alongside the Westfield River, heading north to Worthington, then east on Route 143 through Chesterfield—all roads I was familiar with from riding my first motorcycle, an ...

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Exploring the Oregon Coast


Each of the previous two years, my three buddies and I have taken week-long trips into the high desert of eastern Washington and Oregon and up into Canada. Both times we were burned to a crisp in the record high temperatures, which hit more than 100 degrees F, even in Canada. Tired of rides where our kickstands sank into hot ...

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Motorcycle Riding in Death Valley


You want shock and awe? I was shocked and awed, riding the biggest production V-twin made along a winding road that was dropping thousands of feet from the Inyo Mountains down into Panamint Valley, hustling this 800-pounder along nice new asphalt, occasionally scraping the boards on a turn, heating up the brake discs, generally having a really good time, when ...

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