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Cooling Motorcycle Apparel

Tour Master Element Cooling Leather Motorcycle Jacket and Pants Review

Tour Master Element Cooling Leather Jacket

Leather is hard to beat in terms of durability and abrasion resistance, which is why you see road racers clad in animal hide from neck to toe. Leather also blocks wind and adds style, but, in addition to weighing and costing more than comparable textile apparel, leather is often hotter and has less weather resistance. With its Element Cooling Leather ...

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Silver Eagle Outfitters Kula-XD Cooling Vest Review


Vests aren’t cool, at least not in a sartorial sense. They haven’t been since the days of Saturday Night Fever. (Recall that soon after the disco craze, John Travolta’s career slipped into a coma, only to be revived 15 years later with Pulp Fiction, and Vincent Vega wouldn’t be caught dead in a vest.) But certain vests can help you ...

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Silver Eagle Outfitters Cooling Apparel Review


Hot days, be they of the muggy, sticky Deep South variety or of the dry, blast-furnace Western States variety, are the bane of motorcyclists, sapping us of hydration, energy and comfort, diminishing the enjoyment of riding. Tips and tricks for staying cool on the road range from half-baked to scientifically sound, but one thing some folks do that’s universally a bad ...

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TechNiche Hyperkewl Evaporative Cooling Sport Vest Review


In his Road Tales column in our December 2010 issue, Clement Salvadori waxes poetically about riding in bitter cold or oppressively hot weather, neither of which he enjoys. Since that issue will come out in late October, when the mercury will drop along with autumn leaves, Clem focuses primarily on the virtues of heated grips and apparel. He was in ...

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