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Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Forget On Your Next Moto-Camping Trip

We like beer too, but bringing the whole cooler might be overkill...

For most people, camping falls into two categories: the kind where you load up a backpack and hike/scramble/stumble your way to a backcountry campsite, and the kind where you load up your car or truck and drive to a campsite, usually in a designated campground. We’ll just ignore the RV type for the moment, as I’m enough of a camping ...

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Getting Started on Your First Motorcycle Camping Tour


Living in Michigan in my youth, I once took a multi-day motorcycle camping tour on a Honda CB750, traveling into Canada and around the Great Lakes. My gear consisted of a basic Boy Scout pup tent, sleeping bag and a mess kit. Wearing a leather jacket and jeans and packing a yellow rain suit from the hardware store, it’s a ...

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Motorcycle Camping Checklist


Use this as a baseline to get started. Add or remove items to suit. Once you’ve camped a few times, add your location on the bike for each item to the list, as putting items in the same location consistently will help you find things and set up camp. For instance, “TENT – left pannier.” RIDING SUIT HELMET HELMET LINER ...

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Motorcycle Camping the Lazy…Er, Easy Way


Motorcycle camping is an absolute blast, and the cost savings over hoteling can be important for a lot of us. Every few years Rider organizes a Camping Challenge ride (July 2012) to test the outdoor skills and equipment choices of our generally cheap, lazy staff and spoiled contributors. The idea is to be completely self-sufficient on a motorcycle camping trip, ...

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Aerostich High Tech Cot Review

Aerostich High Tech Cot

Sleep is important, especially when traveling, and gone are those days when I could dig a shallow hip-hole, roll up in a five-dollar Navajo blanket and have a pleasant night. Nowadays, I prefer a good mattress on top of box springs—but those are a bit difficult to bungee to the back of a bike. In recent years, when going camping, ...

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Motorcycle Camping and Adventure Gear Buyers Guide


It’s been a great day on the road––or off it––and as the sun heads for the horizon you’re thinking about where to bed down for the night. You could look for another stuffy motel room with questionable sheets and a constant drip from the shower, but somehow that doesn’t go with the adventure you’ve been having. Why not bed down ...

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2012 Rider Staff Camping Challenge


Ride to Live, Live to Camp——THE 2012 RIDER CAMPING CHALLENGE In spite of our best efforts to provide for Murphy’s Law around here, things can still turn out wrong, go sideways, and end up messier than a soup sandwich. Our plans for a camping comparison test of the new Suzuki V-Strom 650 and 1000 Adventures for this issue had been ...

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Redverz Series II Expedition Tent


(This Gearlab review was published in the July 2012 issue of Rider magazine.) As Clem suggests in this issue’s staff camping story, approaches to camping can be, broadly speaking, divided into two groups: Spartan and comfort. Spartan camping foregoes certain conveniences in the name of minimal weight and complexity, distilling gear down to its essentials. Comfort camping, on the other ...

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Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Air Mattress

I’m always looking for the lightest gear I can find for motorcycle camping, and if it comes in a small package, so much the better. For a camp bed, nothing is as light or packs as small as an air mattress. And in the newly competitive arena of air beds, the NeoAir from Therm-a-Rest is the lightest and smallest. The one ...

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Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy

I’ve got a ton of camping equipment, but for motorcycle camping I choose the lightest gear that will keep me comfortable. Packing light and packing warm are not mutually exclusive – you just have to find the right gear to make it work. Two  inexpensive products from Adventure Medical Kits help me tip the balance of light and small towards warm ...

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