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TwistedCore Base Layers Review


I’m a base layers true-believer. For the past several years I have sworn by the benefits of wearing synthetic base layers under my riding gear. Hot days, cold days, wet days, mild days; whatever the forecast, before long rides I suit up in full-length base layers. Synthetic materials wick away moisture to keep the body dry, and when they do ...

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Cycle Gear Freeze-Out Base Layers Review


According to the National Weather Service’s windchill calculator, at an ambient temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and a wind (or vehicle) speed of 65 mph, the windchill temperature is a teeth-chattering, hypothermia-inducing 32 degrees F. There are many ways to keep Jack Frost at bay when riding on cold days, but a smart, tried-and-true strategy is layered clothing because the ...

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