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Alpinestars Long Range Drystar Jacket and Pants Review


Just as nothing beats the right tool for the job, nothing beats the ride gear for the ride. Based in Asolo, Italy, apparel manufacturer Alpinestars is known around the world for its suits and boots worn by on- and off-road racers, on two wheels as well as four. Lately the company has branched out into apparel for mountain bikers and ...

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Alpinestars Durban Gore-Tex Boots Review


Durban, the third largest city in South Africa, is situated on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Why an urban area packed with more than half a million people would inspire a line of adventure-touring gear from Alpinestars is a bit of a head-scratcher. Maybe the name sounds cool. But, as it turns out, I was in South Africa—for the ...

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Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag Review

Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag

Everyone has luggage, and most of us have motorcycle luggage—tankbags, tailbags, etc.—to carry essentials while on the road. Gear bags are designed to carry a helmet, gloves, textile or leather apparel, boots, back protector, you name it. They’re popular among dirt bikers to secure all of their moto kit in the back of their pickup truck during the journey from ...

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Alpinestars Interceptor and Dragster Jackets and Bat Pants

If you’ve turned the pages of Rider or scanned the photos posted on ridermag.wpengine.com, then you know we most often wear textile riding apparel on the street. It tends to be lightweight and versatile, particularly in terms of water-resistance. Of course, we wear leather on the track since its abrasion-resistance is hard to beat; in fact, most tracks require leather protective gear. ...

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Alpinestars Bionic 2 Protection Jacket Review

Most riding jackets/pants made today–at least the stuff worth paying real American dollars for–includes protective armor, which is usually removable and often adjustable for proper fit. Foam rubber pads made of various materials are located at places where impacts are most likely to occur. For jackets, that includes the elbows, shoulders and back; for pants, it’s the knees and hips. ...

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Alpinestars Octane Two-piece Motorcycle Riding Suit Review

Octane Suit

[This Alpinestars Octane Two-piece Motorcycle Riding Suit Review was originally published in the October 2009 issue of Rider magazine] My Alpinestars Octane suit and I have developed a cozy relationship. It was my first piece of official Rider-logo gear, and it has served me well on many tracks in the United States, Germany and Japan. During my stay in Kyoto ...

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Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Review


[This Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Review was originally published in the December 2008 issue of Rider magazine] Being long of limb, my hands and feet get cold easily. And when my mitts and dogs get cold and wet, I get pretty grumpy. Which is why I really dig these Alpinestars Ridge motorcycle boots. They were my footwear of choice ...

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