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Women’s Ride: Alaska Rider Tours in Anchorage


story and photography by Perri Capell Alaska lures male motorcyclists like flies to honey, but getting more women from the Lower 48 to tackle it on two wheels has been a challenge, says Phil Freeman, owner of Alaska Rider Tours in Anchorage. In 2007, he struck the mother lode. Eleven women signed up to tour the last frontier for a ...

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Rider Alaska and Yukon Tour, The Last Frontier

Final Cell Phone Blog Most photos by Genie Tuttle Penultimate evening, Talkeetna, Alaska. Denali’s ulu-knife top is sheathed in ever-present clouds, then clears suddenly and slices the red-orange skin of sunset, opening a stream of darker shadowy blood across the sky. It’s only the second clear day in this part of Alaska after raining for 32 straight. We are blessed, ...

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Rider Alaska and Yukon Tour with Ayres Adventures

“The last foreign country still friendly to Americans,” read the first, but far from last, hand-scrawled sign we would see expressing the many interesting sentiments Alaskans have for their state and visitors to it. These are independent folk up here, rugged individuals who are not a little suspicious of the “southerners” who come callin’ every summer. Motorcyclists on big, fancy ...

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