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Retrospective: Triumph 5TA Speed Twin 500cc: 1959-1966

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(This Retrospective article was published in the January 2008 issue of Rider.) STORY BY CLEMENT SALVADORI • photography BY RICHARD TATLOCK This Speed Twin may have been the last of the “gentleman’s rides,” a motorcycle designed for a customer who really no longer existed. It was intended for the professional fellow who wanted to arrive at work looking spiffy. To ...

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V-twin Tech: Cooler and better running with Cobra’s Fi2000R EFI Tuner

Harleys have run too lean for about a quarter-century with emission standards to blame. Never mind that the General Accounting Office (GAO) has told congress that motorcycles are an insignificant source of pollution; they are still regulated and stifled just the same. By forcing very lean air/fuel (AF) mixtures and regulating noise-emission levels, those stifling regulations have greatly robbed engine ...

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V-twin Tech: The 20-Year Harley

The Motor Company tends to build its motorcycles to remain in service much longer than other brands. I first learned this a couple of decades ago when I asked Harley’s then-V.P. of engineering, Mark Tuttle, why Harleys were so heavy. He said H-D knew that its motorcycles are used for 20 years or more and wanted them to last at ...

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V-twin Tech: All About Torque – and how to get some

Readers often ask me for guidance on getting more performance from their Harleys. Most are looking to improve top-gear acceleration from moderate speeds, like passing a truck or moving into a faster lane. Touring riders need the same sort of power to comfortably climb mountains. Most Harley owners refer to this midrange or mid-rpm power as torque. Almost everybody with ...

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V-twin Tech: 2006 Harley-Davidson Reduced Effort Clutch System

For 2006 Harley-Davidson introduced its new “reduced effort” clutch system on all models. The factory claims that it takes 45 percent less effort to yardin the clutch lever on its 2006 Twin Cam models. Engineers accomplished this by changing three areas of the clutch system: the clutch spring, clutch release inner and outer ramps, and the clutch cable. The new ...

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Retrospective: Honda CBR1000F Hurricane: 1987-1988


(This Retrospective article appeared in the April 2006 issue of Rider Magazine.) When this big Honda appeared in 1987, it swept through the motorcycle world like a Category 3 hurricane sweeps across Florida…sorry, could not resist. With more horsepower, more speed than any previous liter bike, it ratcheted the whole performance concept up a notch. Yes, 600s and 750s may ...

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V-twin Tech: 95 Conversion

Current stock Harley-Davidson Twin Cams have enough power for most uses, but not “more than enough.” More than enough is what most riders want, and that’s what we’re offering here. We’ll show you how to get a very real and very useful 33 percent or more gain in performance at low cost, without exotic modifications, with no loss of reliability ...

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