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Riding Minnesota’s Historic Bluff Country Scenic Byway

Majestic churches like this one near Lanesboro, Minnesota, are as common a sight in rural Minnesota as Iowa. (Photos: Susan Benton)

Ah, autumn, mid-October. Cool mornings, mild midday temperatures, low winds—perfect. We set our sights on a new-to-us scenic byway in Minnesota. The route is not planned but because it is leaf-looking season, we reserve a room before heading out. I climb onto our Honda ST1300 behind my trusted pilot, my husband Mike. This co-pilot is bundled for the morning chill ...

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Riding to the Grand Canyon During National Park Week

Standing on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, trying to take it all in.

In Northern Arizona, mid-April spells the beginning of the thaw of the snowpack in mountains, and the corresponding bloom of the hardiest of wild flowers below. It is also the time when early-season motorcyclists begin taking to the open road. This year, my first extended ride of the season is a spectacular roll along the South Rim of the Grand ...

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Magical Riding in Northern New Mexico

Every bend in the road in northern New Mexico seems to reveal another geological intrigue.

en · chant (verb): To place under a spell as if by magic. Yep. That’s exactly what the mountains of northern New Mexico have done to me. There is something magical about this state, and I believe it stems from its wide-ranging diversity. The cultural, architectural and environmental palate from which this region is painted is as multi-hued and vibrant as you ...

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Chasing Dinosaurs in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming

U.S. Route 40 west of Dinosaur, Colorado.

When the dinosaurs roamed the earth, they were tiny and titanic, terrifying and titillating, fleet footed and even flabby. Sounds like me at various ages. My map says the Dinosaur National Monument is way, way up in northeastern Colorado. Next to the town of Dinosaur! And next to nothing else, on a road to nowhere. Excellent, let’s go chase some ...

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The Santa Fe Trail: Hunting Geocaches on a Historic Kansas Route

Ruins located at the Pecos National Historical Park just south of Santa Fe date back to the 15th century. Once a major pueblo village with more than 1,100 rooms and the remains of two Spanish missions.

Crossing Kansas can be an enlightening or boring trip depending upon your perspective. For me it was a chance to ride and geocache the Santa Fe Trail from central Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico. For those unfamiliar with geocaching, it’s a “hide and seek” game using GPS coordinates to find hidden caches of varying size all over the world. ...

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Historic and Scenic Routes in Western Nebraska

Riding up the Summit Road with three friends that I met at Scotts Bluff National Monument.

The first transcontinental railroad, first transcontinental automobile highway (the Lincoln Highway), the Oregon Trail, the California and Mormon Trails and the Pony Express riders all made their way through Western Nebraska. Why? The routes originally followed the North Platte River through the prairies, sand hills and grasslands of Nebraska en route to the new lands to the West, skirting the ...

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Sea to Shining Sea: Coast-to-Coast for the Heck of it

Following the small roads, like this one leading to Cottonwood Pass in Colorado’s Eagle County, is more fun than the Interstate.

I love these long hauls, love looking at the beauty, and occasional ugliness, of this great nation, love stopping at all the historical markers along the way, thinking about how this country came together over the past 240 years. Anybody who thinks that riding from coast to coast would be boring is lacking in imagination. Here is the background. In ...

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New Jersey Escape – Riding Into The Gap

“I’m so cool!” Mad Dog on a farm road in Sussex County, New Jersey.

When I want to put the congestion and stress of the 21st century behind me, I fire up my Kawasaki Nomad and tour western New Jersey and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Known simply as “The Gap,” the park encompasses the borderlands of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Cruising the serpentine rural roads of western New Jersey is like ...

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USA Tour Companies 2016


You’ve heard about guided motorcycle tours in Italy, Africa and the Swiss Alps. But there are also many domestic touring companies right here in the United States will show you the very best roads and sights that America has to offer. Why go on a guided tour? So you can enjoy the open road and take in the best sights ...

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Camping in the New York Catskills


Nothing is more exciting than taking off on a motorcycle trip for several days, and nothing adds to the adventure and challenge more than camping along the way. Motorcycle camping offers you a more intimate experience by adding a total immersion in nature. One great place for both beginner and veteran motorcycle campers to experience such a trip is the ...

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