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Touring and Rallies

Eastern Kansas: Time Traveling in the Sunflower State


I was about an hour outside of Kansas City heading south on U.S. Route 169, a lightly traveled four-laner, and it was great to finally be on the open road. The big Suzuki V-Strom’s V-twin eased into a rhythmic cadence, sort of like the gallop of a horse, an image that comes to mind whenever I ride lonesome highways west ...

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A Museum Called Motorcyclepedia


Motorcycles grabbed my attention from a young age, and since I grew up near Springfield, Massachusetts, the original home of Indian Motocycles (no “r”), I’ve seen my share of vintage Indians. But the best collection I’ve seen yet is in Newburgh, New York, at the museum called Motorcyclepedia. You’ll find more than 400 bikes here, including the world’s only “Indian ...

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Hodaka Days 2014: Keep On Hodakin


In a modern day’s twist on the “Old Testament” plagues of ancient Egypt, the tiny Oregon town of Athena is swarmed, infested if you will, once a year for three days. Wombats, Rats, Squirts, Thunder Dogs and Road Toads besiege the town’s very core and squirm about in a pall of aromatic blue smoke. There are also more Aces than ...

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Utah Splendor: Native American history and geologic revelations.


Riding in Utah is always a treat. You are served a wide variety of motorcycle roads, a cornucopia of awesome and incredibly beautiful parks and endless exotic landscapes. As you might conclude, Utah is one of my favorite rides. This time I’m riding the southern third, west to east. My doctor and friend, Andy, and his son, Eli, have joined ...

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A Baja Encounter


Here’s what I took away from three weeks on the road, from Arkansas to the middle of Baja, California: You really have to want to see the whales. By the time I logged the 1,500-plus miles between my home and La Mesa, California, to rendezvous with my group in March 2014, I’d been battered by a headwind from hell and ...

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Broadleaf Tobacco Road


It’s late summer in the Connecticut River Valley. As I ride narrow back roads past small farms that dot the region, the early morning air is heavy with a dense, sweet aroma that’s both familiar and pleasant. The distinctive smell is broadleaf tobacco curing inside tobacco sheds, slowly developing into natural leaf wrappers for cigars. Full disclosure: I don’t like ...

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Tag-O-Rama — A motorcycle game of You’re It.


Have you ever ridden just to see a large boulder painted like a reclining, smiling pink pig? Would you jump on your bike to find a statue of Teddy Roosevelt? Is finding a decommissioned ICBM silo just 25 miles away more than enough reason to throw on the gear? If your answer is any variation of, “Well, of course!” then ...

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Rider's 2015 National Motorcycle Touring Events Calendar


What could be more fun than saddling up your bike, hitting the road, and joining a few thousand of your closest friends at a major bike event? To simplify life for our readers, we have listed the national rallies of many of the major clubs and organizations, with a brief description and contact information. Many of these events feature organized ...

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Mototouring Italian Factories Tour


Mototouring is the Milano, Italy-based outfit that has been delighting novelty-seeking riders in places like South Africa, Vietnam and all over Europe since 1994. It is the creation of Eligio Arturi, a roguish, rumpled Milanese with a taste for good cigars, aged Grappa, great Italian roads and vintage Italian motorcycles. I meet Eligio, Italian guides Ricciardo and Davide, and my ...

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