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Trike, Sidecar & Scooter Reviews

Honda Announces New Scooters for 2013


Honda enters the 2013 model-year season with two fun scooters that contain significant upgrades: the thoroughly revised Metropolitan and a new PCX scooter with a larger-displacement engine that makes it capable for freeway use. Both models feature an easy-to-operate automatic transmission along with fuel-efficient engines—just the thing for countering rising fuel prices. Available this summer, the 2013 Honda PCX150 features ...

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BMW C 600 Sport / C 650 GT Scooters – First Ride Review


If you live in a large city, it doesn’t take much thought to figure out why BMW is jumping into the scooter market now. Traffic congestion and parking restrictions are escalating, and in the new economy some of us just can’t afford to waste time with either—we need to get there, dang it, and ASAP. With their twist-and-go automatic CVT ...

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2011 Lehman Storm Road Test

2011 Lehman Storm Trike Engine

photography by Bill Stermer and Mark Tuttle [This 2011 Lehman Storm Road Test was originally published in the December 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Lehman’s trike conversions have been around since 1985, and its Harley-Davidson and Honda Gold Wing conversions have been a staple on American roads for years. In 2009, Lehman decided to add a lighter, less expensive model to ...

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2011 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive Road Test


Over the past few years we’ve tested quite a few machines with “automatic” transmissions: the SE5-equipped Can-Am Spyder, the electric-shift Yamaha FJR1300AE, the dual-clutch Honda VFR1200F DCT, the hydromechanical HFT-equipped Honda DN-01, as well as CVT-equipped scooters and the Aprilia Mana 850. The underlying tech­nologies and rider interfaces differ, but all twist-and-go transmissions are designed to make gear changes simple ...

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2011 Can-Am Spyder RS-S Road Test


photography by Kevin Wing When Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), the Canadian company best known for its Ski-Doo snowmobiles and Sea-Doo watercraft, introduced the Can-Am Spyder in 2008, I was intrigued. Seeing the wide, long, two-in-front/one-in-rear trike for the first time, I rocked back on my heels, stroked the hair on my chinny chin chin and wondered who it might appeal ...

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2012 Can-Am Spyder RS and RT — First Look Review

2012 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

Our soon-to-be-delivered September issue features a full test of the 2012 Can-Am Spyder RS-S, the sportiest of BRP’s three-wheeled roadsters. Equipped with a 106-horsepower (claimed) 998cc Rotax V-twin, a state-of-the-art Vehicle Stability System and an optional semi-automatic five-speed SE5 transmission, the Spyder is unlike anything else on the road. As our road test states, getting the most out of the ...

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Yamaha Royal Star Venture/Hannigan Trike Conversion Road Test


story and photography by James Parchman [This Yamaha Royal Star Venture/Hannigan Trike Conversion Ridden & Rated was originally published in the March 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Like some recent sports and entertainment notables, motorcycles occasionally experience positive character changes as a result of forced intervention. This certainly was the case with the Yamaha Royal Star Venture on which we racked ...

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A Short History of Sidecars

Ural employee Albert Menzi flies the chair, with his wife Ruth inside.

Curious conveyances, sidecars. Few of us have ever ridden in one, fewer yet driven a rig. But there is a small, passionate number of sidecarists who love their three-wheeled machines, sometimes referred to as hacks or chairs, and a sizable number of companies that cater to these aficionados. The origins of the sidecar are in much dispute, but with the ...

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The 34th Annual GP Sidecar Rally in Southern California


story and photography by Paul Garson Don’t start dusting off your roadracing leathers, the GP in the title above refers to Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, perennial home to the L.A. Zoo and Griffith Park Observatory. Both the Zoo and the Observatory have been “under renovation” it seems since Noah dropped off the animals and Percival Lowell thought he saw canals ...

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