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Rallies & Clubs

Motogiro D’Italia 2013

Amalfi Coast Italy_4401

“My friend Giuseppe was down for the count,” said Burt Richmond of Illinois. “He was laid out on a stone wall with a medic holding an IV drip when Jack came around the turn. Jack slid in the sand thrown by Giuseppe’s bike, so they were both down within sight of each other. Jack wasn’t hurt badly—but his motorcycle was, ...

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2013 Celebration of the Motorcycle at Del Mar


In September, the Del Mar Fairgrounds near San Diego, California, hosted the 2013 Celebration of the Motorcycle, a three-day event that included a charity ride, motorcycle auction and concours d’elegance. The weekend kicked off with an antique and vintage motorcycle auction, organized by Mid-America Auctions, that began Friday night and continued through Saturday. Rare or well-restored 100-pointers held their values, ...

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2013 Corsa MotoClassica


Coming or going, three days of high-desert vintage racing brought out bikes of all flavors to the 18th annual Corsa MotoClassica. It was the 18th running of the three-day vintage bike event, a combination of non-stop racing, classic bike show, swap meet and grooving on the high-desert terrain some 55 miles north of Los Angeles, home to the famed Willow ...

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Western Massachusetts BONE Ride


I’m a western Massachusetts native who’s been called Bones since childhood, so when I learned about an upcoming “Western Mass BONE Ride,” naturally, I investigated. A BONE Ride, it turns out, involves an organization called New England Riders and roads that its members include among the Best Of New England (“BONE”). New England Riders (NER) is a group of motorcyclists ...

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Del Mar Concours 2012


The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club track in San Diego, California, has serious history with the motorcycle community. It was long the site of a one-mile AMA flat track race, and has been a venue for classic Concours events for more than two decades. Encroaching urbanization and powerful residential landholders eventually put a stop to the racing, but the Concours events ...

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RIDE Motorcycle: A Club For One and All


Last Fall, I earned my doctorate from Two-Lane University after a seven-day solo ride through six states. I’m now known by fellow RIDE Motorcycle members as Dr. Souldance. Want to find out how I did it? I’ll have to start at the beginning—of the club, that is. Dick Stob and Jerry Fondse founded RIDE Motorcycle more than 20 years ago. ...

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2013 Paso Robles (CA) Sidecar & Vintage Bike Show


Back in ’07 Karyl Lammers, who runs a shop in Paso Robles selling aftermarket motorcycle stuff, called up the Chamber of Commerce and asked if she could promote a little sidecar exhibition in the City Park during an arts & crafts show. The park was certainly big enough to allow this, and the CoC was quite enthusiastic, as it would attract ...

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2013 Trailblazers Banquet

web-crowd scene

The Trailblazers are a social organization of pioneer motorcycling enthusiasts who have met annually since 1940. They preserve the memory of those who came before us and have contributed to the sport that we all enjoy. This 2013 banquet, held April 6 in Carson, California, was the 69th annual affair, the event having missed a few years. It’s an opportunity ...

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