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Motorcycle Rallies & Clubs

Rider's 2015 National Motorcycle Touring Events Calendar


What could be more fun than saddling up your bike, hitting the road, and joining a few thousand of your closest friends at a major bike event? To simplify life for our readers, we have listed the national rallies of many of the major clubs and organizations, with a brief description and contact information. Many of these events feature organized ...

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2015 International Motorcycle Touring Companies


Everyone’s going on tour. The market for motorcycle tours abroad has exploded over the last few years, and now more than ever before, motorcycle touring companies are lining up to show you parts of the world that are best experienced on two wheels, with a local guide. Some of these companies have been in the business for years. Edelweiss Bike ...

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10th Annual Barber Vintage Festival Video

More than 1,400 bikes are on display at the Barber Motorcycle Museum.

More than 65,000 people visited the 10th annual Barber Vintage Festival last October. That’s no surprise really, given all there is for motorcycle enthusiasts to see and do there, and not just vintage bike nuts with grease under their fingernails. Rider magazine takes you inside the festival at Barber Motorsports Park in this video. See more videos on the Rider ...

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The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2014


Somebody at the The Quail has a secure line to the weather gods. May 17th was a beautiful day in California’s Carmel Valley, as it has been for the previous five Gatherings. I especially like the motorcycle parking for the visitors, which is right along Green Valley Drive, on both sides of the road. Easy parking close to the festivities, ...

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2014 International Norton Owners Association Rally


Ka-chunk (pause) Ka-chunk Ka-chunk. I am sitting at the picnic table in a campsite under the pines, but the sounds I hear are not birdsong. Somewhere nearby, someone is kickstarting a Norton Commando. Ka-chunk (pause) Ka-chunk (muffled swearing) Ka-chunk. The bike catches, and the baritone exhaust note echoes off the trees. A Norton has once again sprung to life, ready ...

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Rider’s 2014 National Motorcycle Events Calendar


The sun is warming, the snow banks are melting and the temperatures are finally above freezing. It’s time to change the oil, adjust the valves, bore and stroke your credit cards and go wear out some tires! Here’s a list of some of the major motorcycle rallies and events this year, along with contact info and a brief description of ...

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Star 2013: Sport Touring is This Club’s Middle Name

MSTA’s STAR 2013 rally.-riding3

The guy at the beer tent at 3 p.m. during STAR 2013 was the loneliest guy in Lexington, Kentucky. People actually felt sorry for him. Not that he wasn’t busy in the evening, when the bikes were parked for the night and everyone was eager to share stories about the day’s rides. But the Crowne Plaza, the host hotel, may ...

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