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Wunderlich SaferView Mirrors, Sidestand Foot Enlarger and Highway Pegs


Perhaps you’ve used stick-on blind spot mirrors that sacrifice some mirror real estate for a small, distorted view of the blind spot. SaferView mirrors for BMWs provide a larger field of view with far less distortion. The dual-contour mirror surface expands blind spot coverage with a slightly convex main section and an aspheric outer edge. Now vehicles approaching from behind ...

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Sargent World Sport Performance Plus Motorcycle Seat Review


One multi-day trip on my new bike confirmed that the stock seat wouldn’t do. The foam was too soft, the flat shape created pressure points and I kept sliding into the tank. I wanted to correct these shortcomings and retain heated seat integration—Sargent’s new World Sport Performance Plus seat ticked all the boxes. “Plus” is a special edition of Sargent’s ...

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SV Racing Parts for Suzuki V-Strom Review


When Suzuki updated the V-Strom 1000 for 2014, many of its long-running limitations were addressed. It got a larger engine with more torque, a lighter, stronger frame, better ergonomics and wind protection, and much more. Major improvements were made to the front suspension and brakes, including a new, fully adjustable 43mm upside-down fork and radial-mount 4-piston opposed front calipers to ...

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Moto Guzzi's Radial Brakes

We’ll look back on 2015 as a banner year, with more than 60 all-new or updated motorcycles that cover the gamut in terms of style, price and performance, as well as a wide range of high-quality gear to choose from. With the holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to treat friends, family or yourself with some new-fangled moto kit. ...

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Storing Your Motorcycle for the Winter


Until global warming makes snow and ice a fond and distant memory, motorcyclists in some parts of the country will still have to put their bikes in storage for the winter. If you’re one of them, here are the most important things to do so your ride will be ready in the spring. Fill the gas tank and add fuel ...

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MFW Vario Adjustable Footpegs Review


Finding a motorcycle with ergonomics that suit you shouldn’t be a matter of going from showroom to showroom sitting on different bikes until you find one that’s comfortable. But that’s how it works out sometimes, forcing you to pass up a bike you otherwise like because the seating position hurts your knees or back or wrists. While there are plenty ...

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BMW Rallye Motorcycle Suit Review


BMW strives to maintain its premium image as a motorcycle brand, which carries over to its apparel. We’ve tested all sorts of BMW-branded jackets, pants, boots and gloves over the years, and the general consensus among our crew of use-it-and-abuse-it testers is that the gear may be expensive, but you get what you pay for. BMW’s Rallye Suit, the gear ...

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Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet Review


Retailing for just $109.95, the Qualifier is Bell’s entry-level full-face helmet. With an aerodynamic, lightweight and ventilated polycarbonate shell, removable/washable antibacterial comfort liner, anti-fog/anti-scratch/UV-resistant face shield, super-easy ClickRelease shield removal system, integrated speaker pockets, padded wind collar and 5-year warranty, it’s a lot of lid for the money. Stepping up to the Qualifier DLX ($229.95) tested here adds a communicator ...

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Dustriders Motorcycle Hoist Review


Like most motorcycles, big adventure bikes are fine when they’re moving. But when a two-story-high, luggage-equipped moto-camel decides it’s time for a dirt nap, it’s probably going to take at least two people to get it back on its feet—maybe more if the surface is sandy, muddy or off-camber. If you can’t buddy up every time you ride off into ...

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