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Zero Reviews

Zero Motorcycles Delivers 2013 Line With Double Horsepower and Over 130 Miles Range


Zero Motorcycles recently announced its 2013 model line which features an average power increase of 99 percent (claimed) and the what is said to be the world’s longest-range production electric motorcycle: the Zero S, capable of 137 miles in the city. To attain such performance, Zero designed a revolutionary new Z-Force motor that is incredibly powerful while also highly efficient, ...

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2012 Electric Motorcycles from Brammo and Zero


(This article was published in the August 2012 issue of Rider Magazine.) “Motorcyclists…will welcome a new type of electric motorcycle which is being introduced, and which, it is claimed, will run from 75 to 100 miles on a single battery charge, start instantly on the turn of a switch, and run absolutely without noise.” Thus began a news item in ...

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Zero Motorcycles Launches All-New Electric Police Motorcycle


Zero Motorcycles has launched a new version of the 2012 Zero DS developed specifically for police and security agencies. The Zero DS Police Motorcycle was developed to address the increasing interest from law enforcement and police departments on a global level. For the past two years police, security and military agencies have been testing Zero’s product line in the field. ...

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2011 Zero S | Road Test Review


  With gasoline prices out of control and the country going greener by the day, despite their typical lack of range we felt it was high-time that Rider test an electric motorcycle. Among the many startups in recent years, Zero Motorcycles, based in Scotts Valley, California, seems to be the most well-positioned to bring practical electric bikes to the masses. ...

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2010 Zero Motorcycles Line-Up Launched


  Santa Cruz, California (March 2, 2010)– Zero Motorcycles has announced the launch of its 2010 product line, including the all-electric Zero S, DS, X and MX. Claimed to offer more power, increased acceleration and enhanced power pack technology, Zero Motorcycles continues to refine its zero-emissions street and off-road machines. Street-legal models are equipped with performance enhancements that allow for ...

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