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Victory Reviews

2006 Victory Motorcycle Model Lineup

Victory Jackpot

Since the introduction of the Vegas for the 2003 model year, Victory has given its line of cruisers a series of bad-boy, macho-sounding names-some with gambling overtones. Hammer, Vegas, 8-Ball-whatever you may think of them, the gamble seems to be paying off, because Victory sales are up by more than 50 percent year-to-date. You could say it’s hit the jackpot, ...

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2005 Victory Hammer – Road Test Review


Apparently, new motorcycle companies are like fine wine-they take a number of years to mature and tempt the palate. Following this paradigm, Victory motorcycles have come a long way in the first seven years of production. In the beginning the bikes were somewhat conservative in appearance and performance, but more recently this newest division of Polaris Industries has been introducing ...

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