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Other Motorcycle Reviews

2009 Buell 1125CR Road Test


Los Angeles has the Rock Store; Berlin has Spinner-Brücke, a biergarten that has been a motorcycle hangout for 50 years. Harley traditionalists in America often look down their noses at the liquid-cooled V-Rod and sporty Buells; their counterparts in Berlin feel the same way, they just express it with a Hans & Franz accent (“Ja, we will let them live…maybe!”). ...

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2007 Boss Hoss ZZ4 Super Sport – Road Test Review

2007 Boss Hoss ZZ4 Super Sport

“OK, you can do the Boss Hoss article,” said Editor Tuttle, “but promise me there will be no cliches. No ‘King Kong of Kruisers’ or ‘Bigfoot of Bikes’ will make it past my desk. Just do the ‘standard’ thorough evaluation that Rider readers expect.” Synonyms of standard include: usual, ordinary, average, customary and typical. None of these words aptly describes ...

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2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910S – Road Test Review


Remember the gnarly scene in Pulp Fiction when John Travolta’s character stabs Uma Thurman right through the breastbone and into the heart with a shot of adrenaline? What? You haven’t seen the movie? No problem. Just head down to your MV Agusta dealer and look at the $14,495 price tag on a Brutale 910S. When your heart stops, hit the ...

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2006 Hyosung GT650S – Road Test Review


One of the most remarkable economic turnarounds of the latter half of the 20th century saw the phrase “Made in Japan” transformed from a euphemism for “cheap and tinny” into the hallmark of some of the best electronics, cars and motorcycles made. Now South Korea seems poised to follow in Japan’s footsteps and assert itself as a world-class manufacturer of, ...

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2006 Buell Lightning Long XB12Ss – Road Test Review


When Erik Buell set out to build a 250 GP racebike-sized sportbike with a stump-pulling torquey V-twin, he wasn’t kidding around. The latest generation of Buell Motorcycles-that free-thinking, cornering-oriented division of Harley-Davidson-consists of tiny Firebolt XB9R and XB12R sportbikes and compact Lightning XB9S and XB12S sit-up sports, all of which have wheelbases and steering geometry that are even shorter and ...

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