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Other Motorcycle Reviews

Retrospective: BSA A7 Shooting Star 500cc: 1954-1962


That Daytona 200 was a thriller back in ’54, on a cold wind-swept beach. The 4.1-mile oval had one straightaway on the asphalt, then two 180-degree turns and the second straight on the sand. Off the starting line, two Harley K-models, 750cc side-valve motors, led the way. These were the old days when 750 flatheads raced against 500 overheads. After ...

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Retrospective: Silk 700S: 1975-1979

web-silk for clem 008

Never heard of a Silk motorcycle? Not surprising. It was an English bike, very few were ever built, and probably less than half a dozen ever made it to the United States. It was an attractive motorcycle, but had a rather unusual-looking 656cc parallel twin leaning forward about 40 degrees, with liquid cooling and no fins on the alloy cylinder ...

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2013 Husqvarna TR650 Strada – First Ride Review


A few months ago I attended the U.S. press launch for the all-new Husqvarna TR650 Terra and Strada, two street legal models powered by a more potent version of the liquid-cooled 652cc single from the BMW G 650 GS. We spent the day riding the 50/50 dual-purpose Terra on pavement and sandy tracks near Husky’s U.S. headquarters in Corona, California, ...

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The 2012 Ural Limited Edition: The Ural Yamal


IMZ-Ural, the Siberian manufacturer of motorcycles with sidecars, has introduced the 2012 limited edition Ural Yamal—the only motorcycle equipped with an oar. Yamal, which translates as “the end of the Earth,” is a peninsula in Russia known for being nothing short of inhospitable, barren and perpetually frozen. It is also the well-known icebreaker that spends its time conquering the frozen ...

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2013 Husqvarna TR650 Terra and Strada


Husqvarna, a formerly Swedish company based in Italy and owned since 2007 by Germans (BMW), has been making motorcycles for 110 years. Best known for its motocross and enduro bikes, Husqvarna offers street-legal dual-sport bikes in its TE line, but they’re of the 90/10 dirt/street variety, fairly hardcore bikes that are just legal enough to connect trails together. Hoping to ...

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2012 Ural T Side-By-Side Review


Among all of the ways to ride on three wheels, I think sidecars are the most fun, and challenge your riding skills in the heart-starting way we used to enjoy before computers began saving us from ourselves. With two wheels in front like the Can-Am Spyder, the ride is fast and sporty; with two wheels in back you can carry ...

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2012 Electric Motorcycles from Brammo and Zero


(This article was published in the August 2012 issue of Rider Magazine.) “Motorcyclists…will welcome a new type of electric motorcycle which is being introduced, and which, it is claimed, will run from 75 to 100 miles on a single battery charge, start instantly on the turn of a switch, and run absolutely without noise.” Thus began a news item in ...

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Motus Announces Production Plans, Pricing for 2013 MST and MST-R


After a year of extensive testing and development, Motus Motorcycles announced at Daytona Bike Week its 2012 production plans, including pricing, accessories, specifications, availability and an initial list of dealers. The 2011/2012 American Sport Tour led Motus through the laboratory, around racetracks, across the country and back to Daytona for Bike Week. Both the MST and MST-R have been ridden ...

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Evolve Electric Motorcycle Up for Auction


A custom electric bike created by Evolve Motorcycles is being auctioned off with proceeds benefiting Global Green USA. The Customized Xenon Light Motor Bike features 32-inch hub-less wheels, LED light tape, a hand-crafted fiberglass frame, and a custom design thanks to Parker Brother Choppers. Evolve created a custom lithium ion battery system, then added a ground-breaking battery management system that gives the light ...

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2012 Husqvarna Dual-Purpose TE Line Revealed

2012 Husqvarna TE449

Dirt-aggressive and street-legal, the revamped TE dual-purpose bikes in the 2012 Husqvarna motorcycle lineup are ready to invade the U.S. All four TE models receive new reinforced all-black chromoly frames, silver rims and fresh styling (shared changes with the rest of the 2012 Husqvarna range). Key features also include suspension upgrades and the new TE250 “Low.” The 48mm open-cartridge Kayaba ...

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