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Honda Road Tests and Reviews

Comparo: 2014 Honda Gold Wing F6B vs. Kawasaki Vulcan Vaquero ABS SE

F6B and Vaquero_2578

One of the newest trends in motorcycling is the emergence of tourers, a.k.a. baggers, as the dominant individual street bike category. Riders are discovering that it’s a real plus if your bike not only looks stylish, but is also practical in that it can carry several days’ (or weeks’) worth of gear so you can go traveling. While Harley-Davidson has ...

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2014 Honda Gold Wing F6B—Review

Honda F6B_2957

It’s a great idea. Start with a bike that is well proven as a tourer, then strip off weight, complication and expense. To create the F6B, Honda began with its Gold Wing dresser then, to lighten the load and expense, tossed the trunk, the anti-lock brakes, cruise control, heated grips, centerstand and, with all the weight saved, the electric reverse ...

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Retrospective: Honda CB1000: 1994-1996

1994 Honda CB1000-right

Take a casual glance at the motorcycle in the picture and one might mistake it for Honda’s latest retro-bike, the CB1100. Nope, we’re going back 20 years to what Honda was advertising as a “standard”—a street bike without fairing, a.k.a. “naked.” In 1993, Kawasaki and Suzuki had big, naked standards, the ZR1100 and GSX1100, with Yamaha offering the half-faired FJ1200; ...

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2014 Honda Valkyrie—Rider Test

2014 Honda Valkyrie5994

As many Gold Wing and F6B riders know, a motorcycle with Honda’s GL1800 flat six at its heart can be ridden smoothly and quietly, like a luxury automobile, or blasted up and down through the gears with snarling gusto. It’s a big, versatile gem of a powerplant—one reason that Honda has based a variety of models on it. The latest ...

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Honda VFR750F Interceptor: 1986; VFR750F: 1990-1997

1986 VFR750F Interceptor-bikeright

The motorcycling world was immensely impressed when Soichiro Honda introduced the CB750 in-line four in 1969, but by 1980 the copycats had relegated the concept to the initials UJM—Universal Japanese Motorcycle. However, the fertile mind of Mr. Honda had more ideas, and he felt that a V-4 would be the ideal sporting engine. Clean sheet of paper, a few million ...

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Honda Releases First 2015 Models

2015 Honda NM4

Honda’s first release of new and returning models for 2015 includes the futuristic NM4 and PCX150 scooter. Here’s what Honda has to say about these machines. NM4 If you’ve ever wanted to transport yourself into the future, this is your machine. By design, the NM4 shakes up the status quo and explodes conventional barriers in order to attract a whole ...

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Exploring Historic Southern Arizona on a Honda CB500X

web-Black Mountains, Arizona

There is something about the Old West that appeals to romantics—myself included. Shoot-outs on Main Street, brothels with beautiful ladies, stagecoaches rushing along and keeping the highwaymen at bay…all depicted in famous films, many with John Wayne and Gary Cooper. The truth was a little less charming—few face-to-face shootouts, as a shot in the back was a safer option. And ...

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2014 Honda Interceptor, CBR650F and CB1100 – First Look


If the polar vortex, Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow and Payton Manning’s loss in the Super Bowl have you feeling blue, Honda’s latest announcement should brighten your outlook. Even though its 2014 lineup already overfloweth, Honda has announced the return of the Interceptor, the debut of the CBR650F sportbike and updates to the retro CB1100. “Only Honda, the world’s number ...

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2013 Honda CB500X – Road Test Review

Honda CB500X_9215

The core of Honda’s praiseworthy, multi-bike response to the Global Financial Crisis and the distressed motorcycle market is the 2013 CB500 series, three bikes based upon the same engine, frame, running gear and one very key feature—a price under $6,000. For as little as $5,499 riders can avail themselves of the CB500F, an attractive, nimble standard shorn of expensive-to-fix bodywork. ...

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2014 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie – First Look Review


Eight years after Honda shocked the touring crowd by unveiling the first six-cylinder Gold Wing luxury tourer, cruiser riders got their chance to experience the smooth and formidable power of the GL1500 engine in the 1997 Valkyrie F6. With the opposed flat-six engine mounted in an open cruiser frame and a regular gas tank feeding six carburetors, the Valky brought ...

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