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Helmet Reviews

Arai Signet-X and Quantum-X Helmet Review

Arai Quantum-X in Glass White, with Pro Shade in lowered position.

Last year Arai redesigned its top-of-the-line racing helmet and changed its name from Corsair-V to Corsair-X. We reviewed the Corsair-X in our April 2016 issue (also here on ridermagazine.com), praising its ventilation, lightness, comfort and new pivoting shield mechanism. Arai has given the “X” treatment to two of its street helmets: the Signet-X, which has a long oval head shape, ...

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Scorpion EXO-GT3000 Modular Helmet Review

Scorpion EXO-GT3000 Modular Helmet in the Sync White graphic.

When I think of modular helmets, I think convenient, clever, noisy and heavy. But that was before I tested Scorpion Sports’ EXO-GT3000 for more than 5,000 miles, and determined that Scorpion’s modular design and materials have taken noisy and heavy out of the equation. The EXO-GT3000’s light weight comes from its Thermodynamic Composite Technology shell material, a proprietary five-layer fabric ...

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HJC CL-Max II Modular Helmet – Review

Clem really likes his helmet! (HJC CL-Max II)

I have become quite fond of modular helmets, also called flip-ups, and unless I’m doing a track day or bashing around recklessly in the woods I will be wearing one. I like the modular for its openness, and a light push on a single lever opens the CL-Max II’s chinbar, making it easy to converse, enjoy a snack or a ...

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide


A Few of Our Favorite Things… It’s that time of year again! To assist you in the search for that perfect gift, three of us on the Rider staff each assembled a few of our favorite things to review for this special Holiday Gift Guide. Every one is a much better gift for your favorite rider than a leopard-print Snuggie, ...

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Gear Review: Nolan N44 Modular Helmet

The Nolan N44 "crossover" helmet is six helmets in one!

Open face? Full face? Adventure? Yes! In much the same way that “crossover” vehicles are meant to fill multiple roles, deftly juggling soccer practice, date night, camping trips and commuting, the Nolan N44 is a quick change artist that looks at home on just about any bike, from adventure to cruiser to sport to scooter. With its removable chinbar, face ...

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Gear Review: Schuberth E1 Modular Adventure Helmet

Schuberth E1 in Guardian Red.

It’s easy to understand the appeal of modular helmets: quick stops are much more convenient when you don’t have to remove your helmet to chat with the gas station attendant or grab a quick snack or drink of water. Modular designs have been popular on street helmets for years, but with the growing adventure bike trend, several helmet makers have ...

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6D ATS-1 Helmet Review

ATS-1 in Gloss White.

Dismayed by the frequency of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) among dirt bike riders, former professional racers Bob Weber and Robert Reisinger endeavored to design a helmet that would reduce their likelihood and severity. What they came up with performed so well during laboratory tests—and in several high-profile crashes by top-level racers—that the technology is now being used ...

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Shoei X-Fourteen Helmet Review

The Shoei X-Fourteen helmet, shown here in the the Bradley 3 TC-1 graphic, has been thoroughly updated.

With high velocities, convoluted riding positions (tucked in, hanging off) and physical exertion on hot, sunbaked tracks, racing puts special demands on a motorcycle helmet. Racers need a helmet that’s lightweight, aerodynamic, comfortable, well ventilated and able to provide the utmost in impact protection. Even if you don’t race, these are desirable qualities in a motorcycle helmet, especially one used ...

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Touratech Aventuro Motorcycle Helmet Review

Touratech Aventuro Helmet

All hail King Carbon! Touratech’s carbon-shelled Aventuro helmet weighs just over three pounds in the size small tested here. That’s light for a street helmet, and this one is built for adventure travel, or anything else short of the racetrack. Our 3,000 miles of testing included a 1,600-mile romp on our 2015 MOTY, the Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT. Fighting heavy ...

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Arai Corsair-X Helmet Review

Arai Corsair-X with the Freddie Spencer 30th Anniversary graphic ($969.95).

When it came time to redesign its top-of-the-line helmet, Arai pulled out all the stops. With a history spanning three decades—starting with the original cLc RX-7 helmet in 1977—and covering 10 generations of evolving design, predecessors of the new Corsair-X have been worn by numerous world champions—guys like Spencer, Schwantz, Edwards and Hayden. It had to live up to Arai’s own very high standards. ...

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