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Clearwater Lights and CANopener for BMW Review


If you want to see better at night and be seen better by day as you ride your BMW tourer, consider installing super high-output LED auxiliary lights from Clearwater Lights. And use a CANopener. Unlike auxiliary wiring harnesses that are designed to circumvent BMW’s sophisticated CANbus wiring network, Clearwater Lights designed its aptly named CANopener module to leverage the CANbus ...

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JunoJumpr Portable Jump Starter Review


It’s amazing what can be fit into small packages these days. The micro SD memory card in my GoPro camera measures 1cm x 1.5cm and isn’t much thicker than a business card, yet it has a 16GB capacity. Even more remarkable, micro SD cards are available up to 128GB! Batteries have gotten smaller, too. Ultra-light and compact lithium batteries are ...

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Legal Speeding H.A.R.D. System Review


A lot of the things that can mess up a ride are easy to spot before they become a problem, like distracted drivers and poor road conditions. But one hazard—police radar—is usually impossible to see until it’s too late. Even with a radar detector, the unit’s warning light and audible alert compete for your attention with road noise, traffic and ...

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Clearwater Voltage Sentry Review


No-maintenance batteries will start their die-off process the moment they are put into service. Often they will go from fully functioning to dead with little or no warning. Replacement is the only remedy, but that won’t help you much if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. Stator or rectifier failure catches riders unaware at the most in-opportune moments and, ...

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Vertix Raptor-i Helmet Communication System Review


The Raptor-i from Vertix does all that’s expected of a top-quality Bluetooth helmet communication system, and a bit more. The lightweight control unit fits onto the side of a helmet using a very strong type of hook-and-loop fastener that is claimed to be secure up to 130 mph. The control unit has four large buttons with an LED indicator in ...

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Garmin zumo 390LM GPS Review


Trying to stay ahead of do-it-all smartphones, less than a year after Editor Tuttle’s evaluation of the zumo 350LM GPS (Rider, February 2013) Garmin has released a new model to replace it. The zumo 390LM has all of the features of the 350LM, plus three new ones—Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones, “Curvy Roads” navigation and tire-pressure monitoring—for the same retail ...

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Sena SMH10R Bluetooth Headset Review

Sena SMH10R Bluetooth Headset

Sena’s SMH10 and SMH5 Bluetooth headsets are as easy to use as they come. The key to their success is the “Jog Dial,” a big round knob that is both a button and a dial that lets you push-to-talk and enable and disable all of the other functions with a single control. The jog dial is mounted on the main ...

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Cardo scala rider Q3 Bluetooth Communicators Review


Cardo Systems, Inc. has revamped its popular Q-line of scala rider Bluetooth helmet communicators, which now includes the Q1 TeamSet (two headsets) rider-to-passenger communicators; the Q3 (one headset); and Q3 MultiSet (two headsets) bike-to-bike communicators. Compared to the G9 PowerSet that Eric Trow tested in our May 2013 issue, the Q3 MultiSet offers less claimed range (up to 3,200 feet ...

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Nolan B4 Motorcycle Communication System Review


Nolan’s new B4 communication system has all the functions of other top-quality Bluetooth motorcycle systems and some of the same limitations. It offers A2DP stereo from FM radio and MP3 players, linked GPS, pilot-to-passenger and bike-to-bike intercom, and of course, full cellphone capability. The B4 also allows hands-free communication and/or control of functions for devices that use AVRCP (Audio/Visual Remote ...

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Cardo scala rider G9 PowerSet Review


There’s no denying that social media has become a huge part of our lives. And the popularity of social networks continues to explode. Facebook. Twitter. FourSquare. And now…Cardo? Cardo Systems, the makers of the scala rider G9 Bluetooth motorcycle communication system, have managed to create a veritable social network for riders. With the launch of the online “Cardo Community” to ...

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