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Blog: Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery Follow-up Review


Four years after putting a Shorai battery (previous story here) into my BMW F 800 GS, I was on a dirt road in eastern Nevada with a bike that wouldn’t start. No, it wasn’t the battery. Instead, the Shorai cell in my bike was a hero for helping keep the bike alive for nearly a week while the stator died ...

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Where Would Jesus Ride?


The question of what Jesus would ride will obviously never be answered to everyone’s satisfaction. The faithful of all brands would welcome the common bond with the Savior, and who wouldn’t savor a ride with a guy who died and came back, right? Not to mention the son of God. But the question of where He would ride arrived on ...

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Dual-Purpose Glove Liners

Gorilla Grips Pkg

Packing for a tour a couple years back, I tossed in my Elkskin Ropers from RiderWearhouse for normal temps and the warm, waterproof Macna Borax for the worst weather. An obvious comfort gap between the two pair gave me pause. I tried to ignore it, and almost threw in a pair of intermediate gloves to fill the breach. Trying to ...

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Anna Grechishkina: 2 Years, 5 Continents, 50 Countries


Ten years ago, Ukrainian traveler Anna Grechishkina had no ties to motorcycling. Her family members didn’t ride. Her friends didn’t ride. But she was somehow drawn to it, and it has now become a way of life. On a whim at the age of 25, Anna decided to get her motorcycle license (which she said is quite a lengthy process ...

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The Motorcycle Museum of Iceland


The town of Akureyri, on Iceland’s northern shore, is so close to the Arctic Circle that polar bears sometimes float in on ice floes. It is not where you would expect a motorcycle museum, but there one is, a tribute to the thriving motorcycle culture in this country. Iceland is actually more green than icy. It is in the middle ...

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Legends of the Sport Converge on the Pomona Flat Track Finals


Most avid motorcyclists of a certain age remember fondly the golden era of flat track racing in America. I’m north of a half century old and I still remember clearly the first motorcycle race I ever experienced. I say experienced because the sights, sounds and smells of that race still stir a visceral reaction when I think about it. It ...

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Horizons Unlimited: The Yosemite Meet-Up


Inspiration and guidance for the around-the-world traveler or for those hoping to be. The bulk of the motorcycle activity in the USA is based around cruisers and sport bikes, but a growing segment of popularity is the dual sport and adventure category; a passion that is far more prevalent in other parts of the globe. These riders have become discontent ...

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Serendipity in SoCal: BMW Test Rides and a Campout in the Mountains Near L.A.


Sometimes, things just come together and make folks happy. In this case, the international motorcycle tour company, MotoQuest, and the Southern California BMW Motorcycle Dealers advertising group formed an unexpected alliance that left those attending their inaugural event in Big Bear beaming with huge smiles. It had all started a few months earlier when the BMW dealers decided to have ...

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