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DVD Review: Twist of the Wrist II

One of my first assignments for Rider was to attend and review the California Superbike School. My palms got sweaty and my chest tightened at the prospect of riding an unfamiliar sportbike on an unfamiliar racetrack for two days and interviewing the legendary Keith Code. I hadn’t even ridden on a track before! That proved to be a pivotal experience for me. After ...

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Giant Loop MoJavi Saddlebag Review

Carrying stuff on a dual-sport day ride is easy, right? You toss it in a backpack or bum bag and head for the hills. Or maybe you bungee it to the back or drop it into saddlebags. These conventional methods have worked for years, so why change? Comfort and performance come immediately to mind. I don’t like a big load ...

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TCX Competizione RS Boots Review

Tango Charlie X-ray. Totally Cool Xylophone. I don’t know what TCX stands for, but I have come to love their boots. Formerly known as Oxtar—a name that was probably abandoned because it invoked images of livestock drenched in black goo, or because it sounded too much like “Oxcart,” something that is decidedly slower than a motorcycle—TCX is an Italian manufacturer of ...

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Wolfman Rainier Tankbag Review

Wolfman tankbag done

[This Wolfman Rainier Tankbag Review was originally published in the  July 2010 issue of Rider magazine] When I traded my Kawasaki KLR650 thumper for a BMW F800GS twin, I discovered that my faithful Wolfman Explorer tankbag sprawled across the BMW’s faux gas tank like a teenager on a sofa, hanging off on all sides. Lucky for me,  the Wolfman Rainier ...

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Aerostich LP Bag Review

One of the most memorable and hilarious comedy routines was the late George Carlin’s “A Place for My Stuff.” With his signature irreverent style, Carlin probed right to the heart of the American obsession with accumulating stuff, and our ever-growing need for places to put that stuff. By necessity, motorcyclists pack light. But we still need places to put our ...

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Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebags Review

Giant Loop1

[This Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebags Review was originally published in the June 2010 issue of Rider magazine] My dirt-camping compadres gave me some heat last fall for thinking outside the box before our dual-sport tour of Nevada. I’d outfitted my BMW F 800 GS with the Giant Loop Great Basin saddlebags instead of hard panniers and they didn’t believe ...

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The Smoothie Saddlebag Review


[This Smoothie Saddlebag Review was orignally published as a Web Exclusive for American Rider magazine] The Visual Lowdown: How these saddlebags look They didn’t give the Smoothie saddlebag its name for no reason. Created with a Resin Transfer Molding process that promises a more consistent and precise product than other molding practices, the Smoothies have an incredibly, well, smooth look. ...

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Leatherworks Motorcycle Saddlebags Review


[This Leatherworks Motorcycle Saddlebags Review was originally published in American Rider magazine] Close your eyes. Breath in deep. You’re in a leather shop. Warm memories of your first leather jacket, vests with fringe and, of course, saddlebags, flood through your brain. Open your eyes. There are two beautiful, tan women standing in front of you with beautiful jewelry and long ...

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Nelson-Rigg CTB950-SLR Solar King Tourer Sissybar and Roll Bag Review


[This Nelson-Rigg CTB950-SLR Solar King Tourer Sissybar and Roll Bag Review was originally featured as a web-exclusive from American Rider magazine] Taking the Nelson-Rigg CTB950-SLR Solar King Tourer out of the box was like sitting in a new car you can’t afford at the auto show. It looks really nice from a distance—clean, smooth and stylish…a definite upgrade from your ...

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Shad SH-50 Top Case Motorcycle Luggage Review


Story and photography by Rich Cox [This Shad SH-50 Top Case Motorcycle Luggage Review was originally published in the May 2010 issue of Rider magazine] When you start sport touring with a passenger, you soon discover that your bike’s hard saddlebags—which were plenty roomy for just you—have suddenly become really small. Strapping a duffel bag to the tail is one ...

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