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Luggage Reviews

RKA IN-Charge Communications Motorcycle Tankbag Review


I’ve never really been much of a gadget guy. Yet, thanks to the demands of our on-street training tours, I rely quite heavily on electronics these days. Minimally, my bike is equipped with an intercom, a broadcasting radio, a GPS unit, satellite tracker, cell phone, iPad and video camera. As a result, I had so many handlebar mounts that the ...

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Mustang GL1800 Motorcycle Touring Seat Review


You expect a touring bike to be comfortable, and most of them are—when they’re new. But the used GL1800 I bought last year came with a stock seat that was a few miles past its prime. Instead of replacing it with a new stock seat I called Mustang, whose seats I’ve had on several bikes, to see if they had ...

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Saddlemen SaddleGel Comfort Pads Review

Saddlemen SaddleGel Comfort Pads

Few things detract from a motorcycle ride as much as a sore bum. Motorcyclists bemoan the ravages of “monkey butt” as if it were the plague, and you can even buy soothing, friction-reducing Anti Monkey Butt Powder. Saddlemen offers several solutions for the pain in your behind, such as a wide variety of replacement seats for everything from cruisers to ...

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Shorai Battery Review

Shorai battery generic photo

Six months and 6,500 miles ago, I carved nearly six pounds off of my F800GS simply by replacing the lead-acid battery with a 2.3-pound Shorai unit. This new-tech battery is so light I could easily throw it across the room. Is there anything inside the carbon composite case? No liquid and no lead, for sure. Referring to the battery’s lithium-iron-phosphate ...

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POR-15 Fuel Tank Repair Kit Review

POR-15 Fuel Tank Repair Kit

Water is everywhere, even one of the main byproducts of combustion, yet it’s also the enemy of virtually every component on your motorcycle. The bare-metal interiors of steel fuel tanks are especially susceptible to moisture in the air and water absorbed by oxygenated fuels. Once a tank rusts inside, flakes and particles can get into your bike’s fuel system and ...

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Road Heroes: Motorcycle Adventure Travel Tales, Part 1 DVD Review


A tiny fraction of us will ever summit Everest, rocket into outer space or spend years traveling nonstop around the world. But we’re often mesmerized by the tales of those who complete such endeavors, the personalities of those willing to take on such challenges often as bold and fascinating as their adventures. The growth of the adventure touring segment over ...

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Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag Review

Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag

Everyone has luggage, and most of us have motorcycle luggage—tankbags, tailbags, etc.—to carry essentials while on the road. Gear bags are designed to carry a helmet, gloves, textile or leather apparel, boots, back protector, you name it. They’re popular among dirt bikers to secure all of their moto kit in the back of their pickup truck during the journey from ...

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The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing (Book Review)

John Ryan in Key West

Writing about riding isn’t easy. Choosing and stringing together words to describe the visceral experiences and deeply felt passions of motorcycling, not to mention the essence of the mechanical contraptions that transport and transform the lives of men and women in profound ways, is difficult. I struggle with this endeavor almost every day, trying to communicate clearly and authentically to ...

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Beyond the Border: Riding Solo in Mexico (DVD Review)

Beyond the Border DVD

My brother, a friend and I have been talking about a trip to Mexico’s Copper Canyon for over a year. We’ve read Copper Canyon threads on ADVrider, past tour reviews in Rider as well as “Motorcycle Journeys through Texas and Northern Mexico” by Neal Davis and “God’s Middle Finger: Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre” by Richard Grant, ...

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Mustang Road Companion Bag Product Review

Mustang Road Companion Bag

[This Mustang Road Companion Bag Product Review was originally published in the November 2011 issue of Rider magazine] Motorcycle luggage has certainly evolved, especially in the direction of versatility. If you’re like me, you never seem to have enough packing space on tour, and then when you’ve packed it—good luck in finding it. Or you’re worried about your bag coming ...

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