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Apparel Reviews

Tour Master Trinity Series 2 Women's Motorcycle Jacket Review


While motorcycling remains a primarily male activity, more women are riding their own bikes and as passengers. Still, it’s often difficult to find riding wear that is cut specifically for women, and especially top-line gear at a reasonable price. That’s why I was enthused to find this new Tour Master Trinity Series 3 jacket for my friend, Patti. The three-quarter-length ...

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BMW's C.A.R.E. Motorcycle Apparel Lineup


BMW is stepping up the presence of its riding apparel and helmets with an extensive lineup for 2015. This new, aggressive stance is to draw attention to the fact that the German manufacturer doesn’t merely purchase its gear from apparel manufacturers and slap the BMW name on it but, in fact, has a dedicated R&D facility at BMW headquarters in ...

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Aerostich Darien Motorcycle Riding Suit Review


When I get a riding suit I look for protection against the elements, such as cold, heat and rain, but its primary purpose needs to be protection against injury during an accident. There are some awfully posh outfits that look great, but should I be tumbling down the road at 60 mph, perhaps I am less interested in how I ...

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Olympia Moto Sports MotoQuest Guide Suit Review


For four years, I wore Olympia Moto Sport’s X Moto jacket and pants on countless adventure rides (Rider, August 2010 and on ridermag.wpengine.com). The extremely versatile, durable gear held up well over thousands of rough-n-tumble miles, close encounters with rocks, cacti and terra firma, and a wide range of climatic conditions. What endeared the X Moto to me was its ...

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Macna Oasis Motorcycle Jacket Review


A jacket can make or break a ride, especially a long one. Comfort, weatherproofing, cooling and body protection all come into play as the miles roll on. Months of testing the Macna Oasis jacket, which included riding with Patrick Kant, owner of the Dutch company that makes Macna clothing, gave me an in-depth experience with their mid-priced jacket. With that ...

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Rev’It Sand 2 Motorcycle Suit Review


If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. While somewhat of an exaggeration, riding in the Northeast does require being prepared for rapid weather and temperature changes. Since it’s awkward packing several jackets and pants for each trip, I’ve been on a quest to discover the ultimate riding suit. New materials have allowed an evolution in riding gear, and ...

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Harley-Davidson Beginnings Leather Jacket Review


Sometimes I wish I still had the first leather jacket I received at Rider. As I recall, I gave it away because it lacked vents and armor, but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere all beat-up and still keeping a fellow rider warm—leather just never wears out. These days I tend to favor textile apparel for its versatility, but I’m ...

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BMW Allround Motorcycle Boots Review


Nobody should debate the importance of good footgear, whether it’s for dancing, hiking, playing tennis or riding a motorcycle. Years ago I met a rider on a chopper with a foot clutch who prided himself on riding barefoot; I can’t say I’d recommend that. If something happens, be it falling off, slamming your foot down in a sandy corner or ...

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Icon Outsider Motorcycle Jacket Review

Icon Outsider Motorcycle Jacket-2

After years of producing great gear for racing and sport riding, Icon recently made a splash in the cruiser world with a line of top-quality riding gear designed for the distinguished motorcyclist. Icon 1000 gear is aimed at the high-end cruiser rider, the motorcyclist who appreciates value and isn’t afraid to pay a premium for a premium product. At the ...

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TCX X-Desert Boots Review


With the performance, technology and comfort of today’s adventure touring motorcycles, one bike really can do it all. Load up the panniers and trunk with a week’s worth of gear, then head off on a two-up tour with your spouse. Spoon on a set of knobbies, pack the camping gear and head into the national forest for an off-road adventure ...

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